Sandvik mill. 30 km north of Borgholm, is one of the world's largest windmills. It is of Dutch type. Some 20 Dutch are now preserved on Öland. Sandvik Mill was originally built in 1856 on the outskirts of Vimmerby. After a few years blew down the wings and the mill was used for other things. It was sold in 1885 and the new owner did dismantle the entire wooden structure. The parts were labeled and shipped to Sandvik, where the mill was rebuilt on Öland limestone. The builder had the help of his son, who bought the mill in 1909 and ran it all the way into the 1950 - century. He sold it to the local historical society in 1955.
It is a popular tourist attraction. The ground floor is a cozy restaurant. The other four floors are preserved as a museum.

Around the mill is a cafeteria, kiosk, golf courses, boules court, skittle alley, airfields, grill, pizzeria, bakery, as well as large areas for other activities. Only 200m to genuine fishing and marina, great swimming area for large and small.Sandvik is the center of Öland limestone craftsmanship, why not make a visit??

RESTAURANT: In the mill floor, 80 seats inside and 60 patios (alcohol)
MUSEUM: In the mill, above the restaurant are seven preserved floors
PIZZERIA & GRILL: 60 inside seats and 120 outdoor patios (alcohol)
WC: We have six pieces of fresh customer toilets, including one with handicap nursery room
Garages: Plenty of places and close to go


Menu Suggestions 2016

The Pizzeria - Lunch / Dinner:-

Beef burger served with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam salad & bread, soda / light beer & coffee with cake (alt. Sugarless) 120 kr
Salmon with boiled potatoes, mustard salad & bread, soda / light beer & coffee with cake (alt. Sugarless) 120 kr
Classic Ceasar salad bread, soda / light beer & coffee with cake (alt. Sugarless) 120 kr
Feast:- Entecote served with potato gratin & accessories soda / light beer, coffee and cake (alt.sockerfritt) and a remaining visit 225 kr 


Lumber (recipe included) Öland's national dish, soft drinks and low-alcohol beer, coffee and cake (alt. Sugar-free) and still visit 120kr-
Öland dumplings with accessories soft drinks and low-alcohol beer, coffee and cake (alt. Sugar-free) and a remaining visit 120kr-
Öland plate (smoked salmon, lumber, dumplings served with lingonberry jam), coffee and cake (alt. Sugarless) & a visit there. 140kr



Cafeteria: As a lighter alternative that we offer:

Coffee / tea, two freshly baked donuts and a visit there 49kr
Only visit the mill, it is an admission price of 20 SEK / person 20pers 15kr / pers



You can of course choose from our other menus or come up with other proposals and we will process everything we can to make you satisfied with your stay here at Sandvik Windmill.When allergies such as gluten electricity Lactose is no obstacle at all just tell in advance so we offer alternatives.Obviously we'll throw driver and tour leader on free food.



Welcome to Sandvik Windmill Sandvik S-380 74 Löttorp Sweden

For more information call Ludde  076-059 51 04 or mail

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